Organisation Design

Organisation Design

What is organisation design?organisation_design

Organisation design is the process and the outcome of shaping an organisational structure, to align it with the purpose of the business and the context in which the organisation exists.

Organisation design is one of the important competencies for HR practitioners described in our Profession Map, as effective design of organisational structures requires familiarity with the external environment and the business needs, as well as an understanding of people behaviours and people processes.

Organisation design is sometimes considered together with, or as part of, organisation development. Organisation development is concerned with improving the overall organisational effectiveness over a period of time with a strong emphasis on change in an organisation’s culture and behaviours, rather than structures, systems and processes. Organisation (re)design can be used as an intervention in the organisation development process.

HR Strategy sets the vision and the strategic initiatives of Human Resources to reach the goals given by the business strategy. The HR Strategy is not a document about the small adjustments in HR Processes, but it changes the HR approach in different areas of the business.


The HR Strategy and HR Planning are connected closely as the HR Planning depends on the goals given by the HR Strategy. HR Planning helps to divide the HR Strategy into smaller steps and HR Planning includes HR Reporting to monitor the progress of the strategy implementation and it provides the important data and facts for the managerial decisions.