HR Function Management (HRFM)

HR Function Management (HRFM)


Only the Pioneer would know the value of what is built over last 10 years being with Startups and SME’s in India. We, at Adelaide Vanrey LLP take pride in spending that valuable time for the benefit of the growing and never ending saga of an entrepreneurship in INDIA.

We set-out to script a different story for Indian Human Resources, who are the brightest & Young Workforce of the world tomorrow. However, the development at Startups and SME organizations have its own limitation. We would like to touch that 38 Million MSME’s in India and 45+ Million workforce to be the future for making India a Developed Nation by 2020.

How do we approach to our Path-Breaking HR Innovation for building and Managing HR Function for Organizations. Our Belief “Future Organizations are going to be differentiated only by their people”. We do exactly that by creating best practices for building the best in people in an organization. We know the competitors would not be able to build such people whereby having our own Differentiation for sustainable Business.

  • Identify the gaps for business and people in the light of opportunities
  • We conduct an HR Audit to understand the current state of HR and also estimate the future HR Needs.Adelaide Vanrey LLP adapts an HR Audit form developed and improved over a decade for the assessment.
  • We advise on the future course of action based on the observations.
  • Develop HR Processes & Systems to build Sustainable business
  • Building the HR Practices from Strategic perspective and build Tactical level on ground practices for Implementation.
  • Review with the Management based on the Business Realities & agree to implement.
  • Action the same on ground. Our Ground Force helps in institutionalizing the defined processes & Systems.
  • A clear cut Action Plan is developed for an Year and devided into Monthly targets.
  • Monthly targets/Action Items are discussed and agreed at the beginning of the month.
  • Help in brining the Teams/Managers/Management in building the practices.
  • No Practice is implemented without communicating to the affected parties (Personal Orientation / Mail / Group Orientation /Online presence)
  • We use a cloud based HR Information System (ApAdelaide VanreY LLP) to build the efficiency required.
  • Reporting and Reviewing is the key
  • Reporting is done on Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly & Yearly
  • Building & Practicing Regular Audits / Reports / Dash Boards / Checks
  • Each report would have clear-cut Learning & Deliverable as agreed from time to time.
  • Sustain by learning from the mistakes of our own and others in the Industry / elsewhere.
  • The unique model of HRFO/HRFM lies in a constant review of learning and building the next level practices.
  • We also bring the cross Industry experiences to benefit your business
  • Building sustainable business is all about knowing and improving from time to time. We conduct Orientations and Re-Orientations from time to time to sustain the impact of People Practices.

How is “HR Function Management ” Model is cost effective: Illustration:

Assume that you are a Rs.10 crore manufacturing company with 50 people at Corporate and 100 people in total. You have 7 key departments that you have to focus on a daily basis. Your Key focus/challenges are Quality Production, Market reach, collections and invest in future. Assuming that at an average you spend about 20% of your time on HR/People Related issues on a daily basis(includes your key meetings with You work at an average of 10 hours a day. You have an HR Manager (4-5 years of exp), 2 HR Associates (0-2 years). No HR Information system in place. Lets look at how an HR Outsourcing Can help you better with Adelaide Vanrey LLP